San Teodoro – a sea of ​​emotions

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San Teodoro is one of the most beautiful and famous resorts on the north-east coast of Sardinia, always synonymous with VACANZA, the ideal place of relaxation, beauty and fun. Thousands of tourists choose San Teodoro every year, an ideal place for family, couple or friends vacation!!! Just 25 kilometers south of Olbia airport/port, San Teodoro is also well positioned compared to other popular tourist centers such as Budoni, Posada, La Caletta, Cala Gonone. Getting from Olbia to San Teodoro is very easy: by car (many landlords at Costa Smeralda airport), taxis, public buses (hours on the reference pages; or on board the bus sharings.


Thirteen dream beaches, including the famous La Cinta, Brandinchi and Lu Impostu with wide white and fine sand and azure waters and crystal clear transmission of this beautiful part of the coast protected by the Marine. Also popular are the beaches of Cala Suaraccia (Le Farfalle), Puntaldia, Punta Est and Cala D’Ambra, each with its own peculiarities, some are perfect for families and children thanks to the shallows, others quiet, others framed by rocks and ideal destination for snorkelers. The beaches of San Teodoro are easily accessible by beach buses, all are equipped with parasols and sun loungers and in all there are bars/restaurants/kiosks, boat rental, excursion/diving centres.

Worth knowing about San Teodoro
In the summer evenings, the center is declared a pedestrian zone: the city is open to visitors and locals until late at night. A visit to the artisan market and the diverse bars and restaurants is definitely worthwhile. The shops and street stalls are also open long. In some ice cream parlors, handmade, delicious Italian gelato is sold. Night owls can dance and party until dawn in one of the discos.
Both in the city center and on La Cinta beach there are tourist offices and information counters that can help visitors. Within the town center there are numerous small and large supermarkets that are still open in the late evening.


San Teodoro also offers great emotions for all sports and outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to water sports such as snorkeling, diving, dragon and windsurfing and boat/hose trips to discover the wonders of the sea area and the islands of Tavolara and Molara. There are many activities to do from the water! Romantic rides on the Cinta, trekking, Nordic walking and mountain biking to discover the Nieddu Mountain or the Teodoro Lagoon, a place of common interest and paradise for birdwatchers. Highlights include the original ride aboard the Boat Lianti, which sails the calm waters of the lagoon and allows adults and children to enjoy the local birdlife, but above all the fascinating pink flamingo. For the most daring, the spectacular journey aboard the Ultralights


San Teodoro is the queen of gallurian nights not only for the many clubs, pubs and prestigious discos, but also for the famous evening market, which runs every evening from mid-June to mid-September. The streets of the centre are colourful thanks to the many stalls of craftsmen, which are framed by street artists, live music and the many shops until late at night. All around you can breathe joy and vitality, there is no shortage of playgrounds for the little ones, ice cream parlours, sandwich shops and renowned restaurants and farmhouses.


There are several food and wine companies in San Teodoro. Traditional cuisine, such as Gallurese soup and Sardinian pork, coexist with the new flavors of restaurants serving great sushi or kebabs. The high-quality fish is served on the elegant tables of the many restaurants and fish tourism or on those of the fryers who cook the catch of the day. Of course, pizza, reinvented in a thousand ways!!!


The tourist information office in the middle of the Mediterranean square is also open late at night, with a map of the center and beaches and many useful tips for transporting what to do and what to visit in and around San Teodoro. You should not miss a visit to the Museum of Civilizations of the Sea (I.Ci.Mar), where you can admire the Teodorin seas of the Punic, Roman and medieval ages.


The “Spring in Gallura” event opens the event season: in a path of songs, dances, old rites and tastings of typical products, the old traditions of Gallura are rediscovered. In June, St. Theodore celebrates the Holy Patron (third week), St. Anthony (Straula second week) and St. Andrew (Montepetrosu first week) with processions, religious events and folk performances in an enchanting setting of union and pathos. July is dedicated to the famous Tavolara Film Festival with its inevitable night screening and the food and wine route aboard the lagoon, in August it is time for Jazz in an international event led by musician Paolo Fresu. In September, the music with the extreme fun games animates you to do sport.