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Castelsardo and its old ruins

Castelsardo is a medieval hilltop town with sea views and the main center of the historic Anglona region. The closest entrances are the port of Porto Torres (35 km) and Fertilia Airport (70 km). The historical center of medieval origin is suggestive. It preserves the structures of the original fortress, which was founded in 1100 by the Genoese Doria.

What you can see and do

Beneath the trachyte cliffs overlooking the sea that characterize the area, there are several bays for swimming. The most famous beaches include Lu Bagnu, La Marina and Punta Tramontana. Not far east are the beaches of the Badesi community, including the famous Baia delle Mimose. The historic center of Castelsardo , dating back to 1100, takes us back through the centuries. The view of the landscape is remarkable, especially from the Cathedral of Sant’Antonio Abate. Between the alleys there are several options with a view of the sea.

For lovers of medieval art, it is therefore possible to see in the cathedral some works by the famous Maestro of Castelsardo, who lived between 1400 and 1500. Not far from the city is the very special elephant rock, which is located inside the house. For those who want to discover other ancient sites, we recommend a visit to Sedinis Domus de Janas.

The local specialty is the weaving art for traditional baskets. The historic center houses the Museo dell’Intreccio Mediterraneo for those who want to know more. The coasts of Castelsardo are also suitable for water sports such as sailing and windsurfing . The marina is equipped for pleasure boats. There is also fishing, traditionally also lobster. For nature lovers, a boat trip on the Coghinas, the third largest river in Sardinia, is worthwhile. The hinterland offers numerous surprises and fascinating places in this historical region, Anglona.

In less than half an hour’s drive, for example, you can visit the Casteldoria thermal baths. You can reach Martis in just over 30 minutes to visit the ancient petrified forest of Carrucana .

The events you shouldn’t miss

Perhaps the most characteristic repetition of Castelsardo is the series of Holy Week ceremonies. In particular, we recommend a visit to the Lunissanti ceremony. The traditional choirs of this celebration are unforgettable.

Discover our flavors

The area is home to numerous catering activities that can meet all needs. We recommend you try the local cuisine with traditional dishes from the country, but also from the sea with local fish.

How can you get there?

The fastest way to Castelsardo is from the Porto Torres seaport , which will take you just over half an hour by car / motorcycle to your destination on a 35 km route can arrive along State Road 200. Fertilia Airport is around 70 km away and allows you to get to the village in an hour. First drive towards Sassari and then towards the sea.

Public or private services are available for those who go on vacation without their own funds. The ARST and Digitur buses are waiting for you near the arrivals. You can also choose private services such as car rental and chauffeur.

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The most popular apartments in Castelsardo

Below you will find a selection of the apartments most frequently requested by our customers. The solutions we offer are different and suitable for different requirements. Indeed, you can choose between independent two- or three-room villas on the ground floor with a garden or apartments on several levels with a large terrace. You can also contact us to work together to find the most suitable solution at the best price.